Clubhouse Links: AMA June 2021 - Founder and Lightning Blog

Clubhouse Links: AMA June 2021

Link pack from our Ask Us Anything session on Clubhouse this week.

What does a Product Manager do?

Product Managers are responsible for product strategy, validation and analysis. They help prioritise what products and...

What does a Delivery Manager do?

A Delivery Manager is a client-facing, Agile project manager who acts as a servant-leader to ensure high-quality...

The difference between Delivery Managers and Product Managers

Delivery Managers and Product Managers are two roles often mistakenly considered the same. Here are the main...

Should I spend time on a throwaway MVP?

Start-ups are, by definition, incredibly risky. That’s where the MVP comes in - to eliminate the biggest risk in the...

Meet the Spark Micro Incubator 2020: Q1 Cohort

This year we quietly launched our first incubator programme at Founder and Lightning: Spark. Meet the founders we...

Start with Problem Validation, NOT Solution Validation

Too many times people are quick to hypothesise a solution with little understanding of the problem. You need to...

Introducing Spark - our new early-stage Launchpad for Startup Founders

Spark is a 6 week, early-stage launchpad for passionate start-up founders. Find out more and apply today!

Automatic AC system

Description of the automatic AC system used to turn off the AC if no one is in the office

Why we don't use a fixed scope

How long will it take to build the product? How much will all these features cost? Common questions require a different...

The traits and skills behind our Product team

The traits and skills behind our excellent Product team at Founder and Lightning.

Blockchain for Product Managers & Start-up Founders  -  Part 2

There is a tremendous amount of hype around blockchain as a technology that will revolutionise all domains of our lives.

Blockchain for Product Managers & Start-up Founders

This article aims to provide you with enough information to make educated product decisions when blockchain is...

4 Non-Tech Founders That Prove Anyone Can Start a Successful Tech Business

There's a new tech founder in the world. Tinder, Airbnb, Groupon, Alibaba, Huffington Post, Dollar Shave Club were all...

How to make sure your idea is watertight

There are countless activities that you can perform to help you validate your idea and make sure it’s watertight. Find...

3 Ways to Build a Productive and Healthy Start-Up Culture

Start-ups employ fewer people, operate at a fast pace and pivot more frequently. To mitigate the risks, they must...

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