Clubhouse links: How to set up your MVP for testing


Your MVP should not only get you to market but allow you to constantly test and iterate things like functionality and usability. In our latest Clubhouse session, the team discussed this often-forgotten side of the scope and how to implement it. 

Here are the options and tools mentioned in this session that can help you:

  • Segment -  customer data platform which acts as a single hub for customer data to pass into other tools.

  • FullStory - gives the ability to watch every single user session, for detailed analysis.

  • Mixpanel - analytics service to track how users interact with the product.

  • Zapier - good option of automation software that links different tools in a customised way. It can help you sync your data to a Google Sheet file, for example, for quick actions.

  • Grain - helpful tool to record, clip, and share videos from Zoom in real-time.

  • Airtable - a platform for building collaborative applications and can be integrated with your apps and services.

  • Retool - provides a set of building blocks to develop internal tools to help you get your UI out there faster. Easy to use, with drag and drop pre-built components.

  • Databox - an interesting tool that pulls all your data into one place, so you can track performance and discover insights in real-time.

Last but not least, Google of course provides several tools that can be helpful through different stages of understanding your customer journey and strategy results:

See you on Clubhouse again next week, when we’ll be discussing the dangers of not having a raise strategy for your start-up. Tune in this Wednesday at 1pm BST!


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