A Founder's Journey - The Rollercoaster - Founder and Lightning Blog

A Founder's Journey - The Rollercoaster

Gavin Farley, founder of AskYoyo, tells his story as a tech entrepreneur in the hospitality industry - from the first...

What does a Product Designer do?

Product Designers help create new products and improve existing ones. They work closely with clients and PMs to find...

Clubhouse links: How to set up your MVP for testing

Link pack from our Clubhouse session on how to set up your MVP for testing and learning, with some of the most useful...

What makes a good founder?

We had a quick chat with experienced investor Bill Morrow about what makes a good start-up founder from his...

The non-technical founder who brought conceptual Philosophy into tech

Alexander Mitchell, founder of Blind Cupid, reveals how the idea behind his start-up was a byproduct of his research on...

What are prototypes?

Prototypes are early samples used to visualise and evaluate a product and gather feedback. They can be low-fidelity...

Founders Forum Investment Readiness

We were delighted to welcome back Bill Morrow to our most recent Founders’ Forum to talk about investment readiness....

Webflow vs. Bubble

Victoria Davies, one of our Product Managers, explores the difference between Webflow and Bubble tools to build MVPs.

Start-Up Surgery #1 - User Story Mapping for an MVP

On our first Live Start-up Surgery, F+L Product Managers helped two young founders to map their user stories and guided...

8 things angel investors consider before investing in a start-up

Angel investors know that start-ups are risky, so they need to be confident that investing in your business is worth...

Clubhouse links: How to recruit a user-testing community

Link pack from our Clubhouse session on how to recruit a user-testing community, including the best tools available.

Reflecting on 100+ user testing sessions over the past 18 months

After running several user testing sessions during the pandemic, one of our Product Managers reflects on his...

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