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We are always on the lookout for talented people who want to do amazing things.
The Founder and Lightning team is made up of a group of over 100 diverse, interesting and talented people. We combine and share our knowledge, experience, passion and creativity to achieve incredible things for our founders and ourselves, and love meeting people who can bring something new to the party.

traits we Celebrate in each Other


We love to explore the art of the possible, take things apart and put them back together again, and investigate new ways to use tech to change lives.


To be a good partner and co-founder, we need to challenge ideas and assumptions. We do it with smiles on our faces and build better collaboratively.


We are humbled by - and appreciative of - the grit, determination and perseverance of the founders and teams we work with.

What the

Team thinks

I'd not expect to find a company where you can be your 100% crazy self and even be appreciated for it. Being encouraged to create your own role, being challenged without feeling a constant feeling of pressure, Founder and Lightning is really a smooth mixture between setting the bars high and keeping the fun in doing so.

John Miniadis, Marketing Technologist

What the

Team thinks

I am extremely happy to be a part of such an amazing team of experts that approach any journey, from founders to employees, with so much passion, dedication, professionalism and always a smile on the face, embracing challenges and strengthening F+L's unique model day by day.

Dana Raileanu, Venture Scout

What the

Team thinks

The best things about being a part of Founder and Lightning - many and some of them - are the warm welcome when connecting to people across the globe, the freedom to learn and to implement that in the work we do, the flexible time we get to connect and disconnect when needed, overall it brings the BEST in you at all times.

Shubha Ramakrishna, Sr SDET

What the

Team thinks

I love working with the people of Founder and Lightning. Everyone is very helpful, cheerful, and always ready for new challenges. We never miss a chance to cheer each other on good times, learn from our mistakes, and are ready to leap forward.

Sarabjeet Singh, Lead React Developer

What the

Team thinks

The best thing about working at F+L for me is the opportunity to fully unleash your creativity and share any improvement idea which will always be taken under consideration. You are welcome to contribute to any part of the business if you are motivated to do so and the whole team appreciates that. It's a unique chance to gather tons of experience from various areas that you might be interested in.

Marcin Dusza, Operations Director


we Offer

We have different weekly, bi-weekly and monthly online sessions to hang out, watch videos (more TED Talks than TikTok), share knowledge, and celebrate our products and team successes.

With teams across the UK, Poland and India (not to mention the nomads!) we’ve been hosting online meetings and socials - and using collaborative cloud software - since day one.

We organise team, country and company-wide internal events, as well as our own public events such as meetups, hackathons, pitches, networking and roundtable discussions.

Our working hours are based on UK time, but working hours can be flexible (agreed with your line manager) as long as you’re available when needed by your project and organisational teams.

In order to ensure we’re up to speed with the latest product development practices, our working groups explore, evaluate and implement up-to-the-minute techniques, technologies and tools.

Which team will you join?

Our UK team office is on Old Street in Central London, just off Silicon Roundabout itself. The UK team are all part-remote, and whilst office schedules vary from team-to-team, we meet up every month (subject to lockdown!) for face-to-face time and team socials.

The majority of us live in London and the surrounding counties, but we have team members in places like Bristol, Birmingham and South Wales, too.

We have a private office within a TOG co-working space, which has a huge shared cafe area, gym, showers, table tennis tables and a screening/cinema area! The local area is vibrant and filled with cool cafes, restaurants, bars and shops.

Our ‘front of house’ team are all based in the UK; Marketing, New Ventures, Product Managers, Delivery Managers and the Leadership team. We have some Developers and Designers in the UK, but most are based in Poland and India.

For more information on the UK team, from working practices to perks, contact the careers team.

The Polish team is currently working fully-remote, but we consider Kraków to be our home. Around half of us live in Kraków, with the rest of the team spread across Poland in places like Warsaw and Tricity; so there is a high chance that someone from the F+L team lives in your city.

We meet in Kraków for a social event every month. We were excited to hold our first annual summer event this year, meeting in the Beskid Mountains for a weekend of fresh air, beautiful scenery, socialising and hiking!

Our team is mostly technical; focused on Software Development, Product Design and R+D. We work closely with the Product and Technical teams in the UK, India, and other team members who live around the globe.

For more information on the Polish team, from working practices to perks, contact our careers team.

Our India team office is located in Mohali, but we are all currently working remotely as our team health is our topmost priority.

Working remotely hasn’t stopped us from enjoying all the activities we love, such as Breakfast Lectures, Tea Talks, Virtual Fun Fridays, celebrating special occasions, attending conferences, and other meet-ups. We meet regularly to welcome new team members, enjoy virtual onboarding, and last-but-not-least we enjoy our hobbies together!

Our Mohali office has state-of-the-art facilities and ample parking space. It has over 100 workstations and a large, fully-equipped, cafeteria and lots of meeting space, from big conference rooms to small meeting areas. We work hard and have fun at the same time; we have indoor and outdoor areas for activities such as table tennis, pool, foosball, badminton, volleyball, chess, carrom and more.

Our team is mostly technical; focused on Software Development, with Engineers of various skills and experience. We work closely with the Product and Technical teams in the UK, Poland, and other team members who live around the globe.

Founder and Lightning is much more than just a place to work. What sets us apart is our unique, people-centric culture that keeps evolving. Our culture is an integral part of our organizational DNA that is unrivaled by most in the industry.

For more information on the Indian team, from working practices to perks, contact our careers team.

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We are always on the lookout for talented people who want to do amazing things.