Clubhouse Links: AMA June 2021 - Founder and Lightning Blog

Clubhouse Links: AMA June 2021

Link pack from our Ask Us Anything session on Clubhouse this week.

What does a Product Manager do?

Product Managers are responsible for product strategy, validation and analysis. They help prioritise what products and...

What does a Delivery Manager do?

A Delivery Manager is a client-facing, Agile project manager who acts as a servant-leader to ensure high-quality...

The difference between Delivery Managers and Product Managers

Delivery Managers and Product Managers are two roles often mistakenly considered the same. Here are the main...

Why I Unsubscribed 25% Of My Newsletter Subscribers 

It’s important that you keep your email subscriber list clean and fresh to ensure that your email marketing efforts are...

How To Be A Great Junior Team Member

With all the excitement that it brings, your first job might be a bit overwhelming. To make it a bit smoother for you,...

Giving Feedback That Matters

Giving feedback not only sounds valuable but will actually bring change and help people. It’s not only about what to...

You’re not Jeff Bezos so don’t try to be

You’ve seen the headlines, you’ve read the success stories and now you’re on a mission to join the exclusive unicorn...

How to keep internal projects on track

I’ve recently been going through my own internal project and I’m ready to share my wisdom with you. Here are 6...

6 Lessons from a Start-up Studio

I’ve worked directly with many start-ups. Here are the top 6 lessons I think founders can benefit from when launching a...

Practical ideation for dreamers

‘Eureka’ moments don’t turn into products without some work. Here are some tips to take fluffy ideas and turn them into...

When to launch your business

Matt Jonns, the founder of Founder and Lightning, discusses his own start-up journey and what other would-be business...

10 Product Management takeaways from Intercom

Here are 10 key insights from the book Intercom on Product Management that can help you build better products and be a...

A formula to help Product Managers

If you're a Product Manager, here's a simple formula to help you prioritise work and become more productive.

5-Step Process for Product Immersement

Here's a Product Managers guide to immersing yourself into your product.

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