What are prototypes? - Founder and Lightning Blog

What are prototypes?

Prototypes are early samples used to visualise and evaluate a product and gather feedback. They can be low-fidelity...

Founders Forum Investment Readiness

We were delighted to welcome back Bill Morrow to our most recent Founders’ Forum to talk about investment readiness....

Webflow vs. Bubble

Victoria Davies, one of our Product Managers, explores the difference between Webflow and Bubble tools to build MVPs.

Start-Up Surgery #1 - User Story Mapping for an MVP

On our first Live Start-up Surgery, F+L Product Managers helped two young founders to map their user stories and guided...

6 Lessons from a Start-up Studio

I’ve worked directly with many start-ups. Here are the top 6 lessons I think founders can benefit from when launching a...

Practical ideation for dreamers

‘Eureka’ moments don’t turn into products without some work. Here are some tips to take fluffy ideas and turn them into...

When to launch your business

Matt Jonns, the founder of Founder and Lightning, discusses his own start-up journey and what other would-be business...

10 Product Management takeaways from Intercom

Here are 10 key insights from the book Intercom on Product Management that can help you build better products and be a...

A formula to help Product Managers

If you're a Product Manager, here's a simple formula to help you prioritise work and become more productive.

5-Step Process for Product Immersement

Here's a Product Managers guide to immersing yourself into your product.

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