We Can Help You With Your Digital Transformation Strategy- here’s how.


For 10 years, we’ve helped 35+ entrepreneurs build tech businesses in 20+ different industries. 

During this time, we have: 

  • Proven success, working with founders and businesses protecting their runway like it’s our own.
  • Built a commercially and technically focused team that thrive on making things happen quickly and delivering high-quality solutions.
  • Become experts at helping Founders and Corporations think and act more entrepreneurially delivering high value and ROI. 

Here’s all the information on our corporate digital transformation work, what we offer, how we can benefit you and how we work. 

Why do we see Digital Transformation as so important? 

We believe tech is the number one unfair advantage that organisations have over their competition. 

A well-structured digital strategy will empower employees, increase market share, improve HR processes, engage customers, optimise operations and transform your product. Companies without an impetus on digital transformation or digital strategy are simply leaving money on the table. Organisations that have completed digital transformations report increased profits in 80% of cases.

Equally, there are still a vast number of businesses that still function offline that could easily put tech behind their business to significantly increase revenue and operations. 

In this day and age, there are very few businesses that wouldn’t benefit from becoming tech-enabled.  

What are the biggest challenges that corporates are facing right now? 

  1. Budget restrictions in the current economic climate- right now times are tough and budgets for innovation sit at around 19-28% depending on company. 
  2. Keeping up with technological change- tech changes almost every day and keeping up with it isn’t easy alongside managing business as usual. 
  3. Not being able to deliver technology projects on time- without specific digital innovation teams IT departments are busy with the day-to-day running of the business. 
  4. Finding it hard to hire great people and justify new hires in current climate– hiring takes time, money and commitment. 

How can we help with these common challenges? 

  1. We are used to working with founders who need to protect every pound and every minute for their business, so are used to working lean and are focused on maximising ROI. 
  2. We deliver 20 new projects a year (and tech is all we talk about) so we make it our business to know what’s out there. 
  3. We work with the most ruthless business owners (founders) so we know how to work under pressure and are laser-focused on delivering projects on time. 
  4. We offer flexible resourcing, no cost to hire, and we can dial up or down depending on workload and function as close to an in-house team as possible without HR or payroll.  
  5. We think like entrepreneurs in everything we do. We can help you think and act like a startup too: faster, cutting down innovation time and delivering projects with speed. 

How do we work?

Everything we do is collaborative. We should feel like part of your own team and we communicate with you every day, every step of the way, as if we were part of the business. 

After a decade of working with startups and established businesses in an Agile way, our process is heavily focused on being iterative, delivering consistent small changes, consistently checking in and adjusting so that you always stay in control of the direction of travel. 

We also use goal-based delivery and only build on evidence and research (never assumptions) so that we are always building the right thing, quickly, and with the ability to adapt at any given moment. Everything we do is based on real user feedback- we’re only building for your user. 

Our teams are typically small to start with, for example: four Software Engineers supported by one Test Automation Engineer, a Designer and a Product Manager. Designers and PMs are only allocated 50% in the beginning so we can keep your costs low while we prove our value. We can then easily scale up the team based on what we need and what we are going to achieve. 

Who have we worked with previously? 

Our previous work consists of over 35 startups within industries ranging from Prop-Tech, to Marketing, to Automotive Rental, to PR, Wellness and a wide range of marketplaces. 

Our success stories include: 

  • Clientshare valued at £12.45M and used by 1 in 3 FTSE 100 companies (with us for 7 years).
  • Wagonex raised Series A investment from Admiral (with us for 6 years). 
  • Kids Know Best valued at £22.8M since last raise (with us for 3 years).


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