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Waterfall is a method of building software where each phase of development is completed and fixed, before sequentially moving on to the next.

  • The requirements are set and documented
  • Then all the designs are fully created
  • Next, all the software is built
  • Before being released, the software is tested against the original requirements and designs
Waterfall can be an efficient method if the project is non-complex, small and the requirements are unlikely to change. Teams using waterfall need to ensure that the handovers between each phase are clear and unambiguous, as correcting changes late on can be expensive and wasteful.
White label

A white label solution is a product that offers functionality off the shelf and can be procured by other companies so that they don’t need to build a bespoke solution. The solution can usually be customised to suit a particular customer journey or functionality and can often be be embedded seamlessly into a customers existing product.

WIP Limits
Work In Progress Limits restrict the maximum amount of work items in the different stages of the development process. This ensures the team to complete single work items before moving onto the next task which improves focus, visibility and efficiency.

Wireframe is a draft of the layout of a page or software that's being built. It helps Designers visualise how elements are distributed in order to provide the best user experience.

Low-fidelity prototypes are also often called wireframes.