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Funds lent to a company by an institution in the form of a loan which requires interest payments and the eventual repayment of the loan. Increasingly flexible options are now available through various FinTech companies.

A deck is a presentation that covers all aspects of your business in a succinct and exciting way. A pitch-deck might be shared with investors when you are looking to raise capital.
Delivery Manager

A Delivery Manager facilitates the timely production of software through the effective management of team members and work schedules. They clear any impediments that may slow down their team's progress on a project and set the timelines on which products will be delivered.

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Demographic is an expression that is frequently used in marketing to describe the age, gender, income, schooling and occupation of your ideal customers.
Software deployment is all of the activities that make software available for use. In short, it's typically when a Developer makes the updated code available on a staging or production environment ready for use.

Dilution occurs when external funds are raised - with new shares issued to investors in exchange for cash. If a founder owned 500 out of 1,000 shares (50% ownership), but 500 new shares were issued in a pre-seed round to raise funds, once the round closed the founder would only own 500 out of 1,500 shares (33% ownership). This represents equity dilution.

Down Round

When a company's valuation is lower than the valuation that was set in the previous funding round. Valuations are expected to increase with every funding round, so a down round can be a very negative signal to existing and prospective investors.

Due Diligence

Due Diligence is an in-depth analysis of a business undertaken by a prospective buyer or investor. It investigates the company’s health by analysing assets, liabilities, financial information and evaluating its commercial potential.