MAY 16, 2021
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ucreate is now Founder and Lightning

Founder and Lightning new


We are delighted to announce that today we relaunch our business as Founder and Lightning!


As you can see, we have a totally new brand, proposition and website. We made the decision to change our name because we wanted to put Founders at the heart of everything we talk about. Their entrepreneurial spirits – their vision, leadership and determination – make them all forces of nature. It’s our pleasure to be able to work with Founders to harness their commercial and creative energies and bring their ideas to life. 

We feel that our new brand is a statement of our own ambition to develop an outstanding company that is the leading light in the UK Venture Builder sector. We know we do things differently from the rest, so we wanted a standout brand and proposition that differentiates us from our peers. 

We’ve also got a new management team in place focused on scaling not only F+L but our Founders’ businesses. We’ve also hired some fantastic people right across the business over the past year, to add to the incredible team we’ve built over the past six years, to power our future growth.

On behalf of the team, I really hope you like the new look and what we’re doing with Founder + Lightning.

We’re excited to start this new journey and look forward to the future!


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