Founder and Lightning is a proud shareholder in 20+ ventures and has developed more than 30 new tech products. The founders of the companies in our ventures portfolio have raised circa £40m to create over £200m in equity value. Our experience spans multiple industries, business models, technology types and customer groups. A few of them are listed below. Will yours be next?

A contract brewing, beer search and brewing marketplace business.
B2B2C Marketplace Food & Beverage
A Service Governance tool that brings together suppliers and their clients leading to stronger, more profitable relationships.
B2B SaaS Customer Experience
A mobile lifestyle planner that uses mood and Artificial Intelligence to plan days and evenings.
B2C Mobile App Lifestyle
Dating made better with the anti-ghosting dating app.
B2C Mobile App Lifestyle
A digital media agency focused on providing insights to brands looking to target the youth sector by giving kids a voice.
B2B Agency Platform Media
A platform to reward customers' engagement and support employees' wellbeing, both in the workplace and individually.
B2B2B Marketplace Wellbeing
The first end-to-end, intervention-based, growth engine for revenue operations, sales and marketing.
B2B SaaS Sales
Streaming music, content and performance platform for classical and jazz lovers.
B2B Marketplace Wellbeing
Our founders will tell you that we bring a huge amount of value to the table at all stages of the evolution of the ventures we help to launch. We love to meet would-be founders and experienced entrepreneurs looking to start something amazing. Sometimes, the first step on an incredible journey starts by pushing a little orange button…