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for Founders

We are Founder and Lightning Capital, the VC arm of the Founder and Lightning Group. Our mission is to make the UK startup ecosystem more efficient for founders, investors and society – starting with product development & capital raising.

What we're Offering you

For our 2023 cohort, we’re offering each successful start-up an investment to fund £150,000 worth of venture building with Founder and Lightning. Each successful startup will receive 6 months of extensive support from an F+L team including product managers, software engineers, a tech lead and our venture capital team. We will work with you step-by-step to achieve the following:

Market Validation

We’ll validate the key assumptions about the business to refine our approach. We’ll focus on building features that customers are willing to pay for to get us to revenue quickly.

Product Build

If you don’t yet have a Minimum Viable Product (MVP), we’ll work with you to build one; if you’re already at the MVP stage we will build Version 1 of your product.

Customer Acquisition

While we expect our founders to be the ones building out their sales pipeline, we’ll ensure your product and backend is optimised for revenue generation.

Future Fundraising

The most successful startups from this cohort will be offered further follow-on investment by us. For the rest of the cohort, our venture capital team will work closely with you to help you raise your next round at a higher valuation.


we're Looking for

Enterprise software (B2B SAAS) startups – please don’t apply unless your startup falls into this category.

Startups that are still in the early stage of product development. E.g., Idea/MVP stage.

Founders with a go-to-market strategy and/or some visibility on their initial sales pipeline.

Founders with domain expertise within the area in which their startup operates.

We’re also very keen to work on corporate spinouts.

Non-technical founders who do not have a CTO. F+L will provide you CTO services post-investment.

You are working mostly offline / with a 'scrappy' MVP to deliver value to your customers and know technology will enable your business to scale.

If you think your startup fits the bill, please apply below: