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This week we have one deal to share with you. It is an exciting opportunity with promising early traction, backing from early-stage funds and only £42k remaining to close the round

Collective Fitness

Founder Connor McManus
Sector Health Tech / Digital Health
Deal Stage Post MVP / Early Traction
Channel B2B (B2B2C)
SEIS/EIS EIS Available, ~20k SEIS remaining
Raise £300k – only £42k remaining. Commitments include SFC and Capital Pilot Boost fund. Note: the founder is willing to be flexible to accommodate those with minimum ticket sizes above 42k
Pre-money Valuation £1.5m
Traction 5 Pilot Organisations / 900 Employees / £9058 pre-launch revenue with a scrapy MVP (including NHS pilot)
Team 20+ Years sector exp. Beachhead sector exp.
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Note from the Founder:

We help progressive companies understand the impact of employee health - whilst providing the employees with practical physical and mental health support they actually use - and love.

For the user, we’re like a concierge but for physical and mental health needs. For the business, we’re like google analytics for employee health. Combined, they provide an end-to-end service that benefits the organisation and the user.

Why now? Exercise will be a staple part of all mental health treatment in 5-10 years

So how are we different? With thousands of coaching hours under our belt, we found that relationships between multiple physical and mental health professionals were necessary for client success. Being pro-active on physical and mental health shouldn’t be hard and shouldn’t be premium, as it was then. This is why we built a bundled solution under one brand. Have a conversation with a trainer, nutritionist, therapist or physio in 3 taps or less. Zooming in on mental health, the relationship between physical health and mental health outcomes are more evident than ever, exercise will be part of mental health treatment in the future - we are doing it today.

Note from F+L:

Collective Fitness has engaged with F+L to help build out the version 1 of their product. The founding team has already built an MVP and generated some promising initial traction. F+L is perfectly positioned to add value to the project. We have experience of working in this space and our approach and thesis are closely aligned with Collective Fitness’s B2B2C channel model. Moreover, we feel that the founder would be a great fit with our team and is aligned with F+L’s way of building products. This is always a key decision criteria in our founder selection process.