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Why we EXIST

We launched Founder + Lightning after our Founder and CEO, Matt (a non-technical founder) made a few costly mistakes with his first tech venture. At the time, there wasn’t anyone talking about the difficulties of being non-technical in the startup world, there weren’t the right technical partners available, and no one to get advice from.

He realised he wasn’t the only one, and that non-technical founders weren't being given the best chance of success. Either they were building their product with a development agency, who would build anything without validating the idea, or they felt they had to rush to bring on a CTO and give away equity (these rushed relationships often failed). Both made non-technical founders feel out of control.

So, Founder and Lightning was born and Co-Founders Dan and Pawel joined to bring their expertise onboard. 

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Since inception in 2015, Founder + Lightning has empowered over 30 non-technical founders to build their tech startup. We’ve been on a journey with each one, and have been there for the ups, the downs, and everything in between. We see ourselves as a long-term partner and function as an in-house team for Founders, talking to them every day.

90% of startups fail, and it’s for the same reasons over and over. The last 8 years have been about uncovering every mistake that can be made, so that our Founder Partners don’t have to. 

We know the huge value that non-technical founders bring to the tech startup ecosystem– that’s our priority.

Now we’ve even taken it a step further and are investing in non-technical partners too– something we’ve always dreamed of doing. Find out more here.


of the startups we’ve helped build are growing daily
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of them have reached Series A funding

Our TEAM are:


We love to explore the art of the possible, take things apart and put them back together again, and investigate new ways to use tech to change lives.


To be a good partner and co-founder, we need to challenge you. But we’ll do it with a smile on our face and build better products, collaboratively.


We find it humbling every time a new founder trusts us to bring their baby into the world. We promise to look after your new business with care.

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We are an ambitious and growing company. We do transformational and important work, helping to launch new tech start-ups and building new products. In addition, we offer significant opportunity for both skills development and career progression. If any of our new roles are of interest, we’d love to hear from you.

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