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Engineer - No Code/Low Code

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Who we are

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We partner with ambitious startup founders and equip them with the team, tools, expertise and scale to build highly successful technology companies. ucreate is headquartered in London, UK but our teams are spread out across many cities around the world.

Founder and Lightning (F+L) is a pioneering venture builder. We work with commercially-minded, non-technical founders to start tech companies, launch new products and disrupt industries. 

We just can't get enough of empowering our founders to solve real problems with clever solutions. We live and breathe agile development and specialise in getting their start-ups to market.

With over 130 staff spread across 3 countries and operating in a rapidly growing sector of technology start-ups, it's an exciting time to join.

Role Summary

As part of a new team being formed to build and launch low code solutions to our customers, you will be at the forefront of the movement to introduce no-code and low code delivery to a company that has been successfully building software products and businesses for over 6 years

Using a combination of no-code, low code and bespoke software development, we are looking to take new strides into rapid product development.

This is a unique opportunity to help us to become thought-leaders in this space, pushing the boundaries of what low code can do for software businesses, whilst continuing to leverage our bespoke development capabilities.

The fun stuff you'll actually be doing:

  • Working alongside Product Managers and Designers to define the features and functionality of MVPs and early-stage prototypes for our Clients.
  • Creating reliable, beautiful No-Code apps from feature designs, using Bubble, Adalo, Glide, or similar no-code platforms.
  • Conducting technical feasibility reviews to determine whether no-code tools are appropriate for particular builds and, if so, which tools provide the best solution.
  • Contributing to our Platform of reusable tools, including UI component kits, showcase prototypes and No-Code toolkits.
  • Helping to educate and promote the benefits of using No-Code and Low Code technologies to prospective clients as well as the wider business.

What we need and what you have:

  • Experience in delivering commercial apps using at least one of mainstream no-code platforms (Bubble, Glide, Adalo).
  • Practical understanding of handling, storing, manipulating and transferring different types of data and the tools available to do this within the context of no-code/low code application builds (for example, Zapier, Airtable, Integromat).
  • Working knowledge of the different platforms available to deliver no-code and low code solutions and the capability to evaluate the best tool for the job
  • Demonstrable experience of architecting real-world, practical solutions to technical problems using no-code and low-code technologies.
  • A deep understanding of the limitations of both bespoke software development and delivering applications using no-code tools
  • Whilst not essential, a basic understanding or some experience of software development, scripting (JavaScript), SQL and working with APIs and API documentation would be beneficial.
  • Similarly, an understanding of UX concepts, evaluating user requirements and interpret user stories would be desirable.

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