The ideal tech team for your tech start-up - Founder and Lightning Blog

The ideal tech team for your tech start-up

How can a first-time Founder put together the ideal tech team to get a start-up off the ground? External sources of...

What makes a good pitch, according to investors

We asked experienced investors what they consider more important during a pitch and their tips for Founders who are...

Path app - tech as a force for good

Path app does not claim to solve the issues that cause women to feel unsafe, but it is possible to use technology in...

Once a start-up Founder, always a kid

For Joel Silverman, CEO and Co-Founder of KidsKnowBest, tech Founders must have the energy, fearlessness and curiosity...

A formula to help Product Managers

If you're a Product Manager, here's a simple formula to help you prioritise work and become more productive.

5-Step Process for Product Immersement

Here's a Product Managers guide to immersing yourself into your product.

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